Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Still Some Summer Left, New York


Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful and funny !
If you don't mind, I paid an hommage, here :

Másdelomismo said...

She knows what she wants

in dreams said...

beautiful. just lovely. <3

Giulia said...

Wonderful. She absolutely does look determined.

jeesau said...

guh...just gorgeous. Just discovered your site. Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing.

Kally said...

Most can't get away with white after Labor Day, but she makes it look fresh and effortless. Well done, I say!

Estorbo said...

Worgh eed, keedy, worgh eed!

J.W. said...

Haughty, but chic...

Le Petit Louise said...

so pretty!!
please take a look... some wonderful cat inspired art!

Louise Petit

Fer Mendonça said...

Adorable. My cats really have "that attitude" to pose too!It´s a pitty they don´t go out to be photographed!

Ilaria said...

I love how this cat does the perfect transition outfit! It is all in the colours.

Unknown said...

It's funny because you actually know about fashion ... "camel coat" deconstructed yohji/comme....very cute and I love cats!

Anonymous said...

Amazing! So classy! And, huh… gorgeous shoes ^_^

Anonymous said...

Wonderful eyes, poweful look.

Estorbo said...

Mas! Mas! Mas!

Erin Bradley said...

She knows how to play to her best features. So vibrant. A true original.

agus said...

Sexy lady !

Estorbo said...

OK, I yos though I woul' mention thad eed ees now..NOBEMBHAIR!

I yab been weareen' Webstair's Beterinary por two weeghs een the absence ob any style adbice frarm you.

Yos sayeen', I loogh lighe hell.

commoncents said...

THANK YOU for posting this! I love your blog!

common cents

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

graceful animal

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Olivia RPS said...

what a cute cat!
Olivia x

Fanny said...

I know him !

Louisette said...

Beautifull,greeting from Belgium, Louisette with two golden retriever, and one blue cat


so cute, i like
have a very nice valentine's day

Estorbo said...


Thees blarg mos' nard die?! Waghe oooooooooorp!

Kacrates said...

Lol aww! where are you. we need more cats! xox.

Leslie said...

We miss you Catorialist! Come back!

JoID said...

I met this blog in a Portuguese fashion magazine and I fell in love! So cute, so wonderfull!! And have already made ​​advertising on my blog!
Congratulations for your excellent work!!
xoxo JoID

Unknown said...

Grace .. character ..
I love pictures of cats

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Unknown said...

Please do continue!

SDLA said...

Love your blog and love cats. When I was a kid, I loved to take photos of cats in all the place i have lived and I still have them =D Your photos are so good and your blog is much better when you put big size photos. Thank you. SDLA.

Star said...

Missin' ya! When are you going to start giving us more Catorialist comments?!

Anonymous said...

nice post

The White List said...

Amazing blog!!! Can we have more posts please?

oscillate wildly said...

why have you stopped blogging?

huncke said...

you're genius.
The pictures are meaningfull: the cat are talking about their style.

tareh said...

if you look closely the brown patch looks like a penguin!

Jeane M. said...

Cant get enough with cute prints. Would really consider stylish in feline perception. :D Got my eye on your blog now.

Gala said...

I love your blog!

Gala said...

I love your blog!!!

Unknown said...

WHYYYY don't you update! PLEASE COME BACK!

Unknown said...

Impressive one. Adopt a dog

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