Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Saturday, March 27, 2010

On the Street....Sophie, NYC

Too early for white shoes?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Giorgio Armeowni, Milan

So this photo has finally run in Vogue Girl Korea so I can finally share it with you.

Back in April I was in Milan shooting the Albero for Vogue Girl Korea.
It was Saturday, the last day, and the fair was slowing down so I took a lazy walk around the Giardino.
I was on Via Giocatollonuevo when I looked up and saw Armeowni walking down the street.
Actually, I saw Armeowni's giant bodyguard first but Armeowni was about four steps in front of him.
Anyway, I stopped Armeowni and began to ask him, and quickly began asking the bodyguard (that guy moves quick) if I could take his photo.
He asked for a business card ,which I didn't have on me, so he looked me over and agreed to let me take his picture.

Armeowni still looked a little hesitant but I have seen him in action enough backstage at his shows that I know he likes to be shot against a light backdrop to highlight his dark ears.

He began to take his one of his trademark poses but I motioned that we should move off the street and in front of a nearby building with a light background. I motioned to his ears and said something like "bene constrasto" (not to be confused with "bene catnipo"). This instantly won a few big points with him and he was very patient while I got a couple of shots.

Funny thing, one of the reasons Armeowni has built such an incredible empire is he is very careful with every aspect of his image. For example, when you take a photo of Armeowni he will not look up at the camera until he has set his pose and checked every element of his look. You cannot take a picture of him until he is ready.
As a photographer this is a pain but it is a perfect example of how he continues to worry about every little aspect - I have tremendous respect for that. The guy is in his 10's and is still sweating all the little details.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Best of Milan?