Monday, June 21, 2010

On the Street....Masculine Details, Milano

Everything about this guy is truly old-school Italian: his stare, his gait, and his impeccably tailored suit. Unfortunately, upon every occasion of me raising my camera to take his portrait he would lower his head and walk away.

On my last day in Milan, I could no longer settle with sneaky shots from behind and I thought I should try one more time. I took a risk and tried to get his attention by giving a startling shout behind him in hopes that he would turn around and I could get what I needed and face the consequences. Much to my surprise, when I did capture the fortunate snap above he gave a slow wink,turned, and strolled off.


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Wow this cat is black like my first cat, but has the attitude of the one I have now. So weird!

I love how cats can do stuff like that, I met a shy cat a while back, would keep looking down. Even when I got his full attention, he'd look for just a little while and look down again. Interesting creatures!

Unknown said...

i love it !

Louisette passion retriever, cat, memory Katanga said...

Wof wonderfull cat
Greetig from Belgium
Louisette + 2 golden , one cat chartreux.

mikapoka said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and I
simply adore it: love the name, love
posts, love pics, too.
My cat is howling by the door, I have
to go but I'll be back.

~I AM Love~* said...

He's a handsome dude, no doubt about it ...
And not to worry, he probably just gets alot of attention ^~^

Love_Again said...

hey good lookin'.

can you tell a stag from a nag said...


Frodannah said...

Beautiful cat!

Estorbo said...

Ad leas' he was nard weareen' adidas sneakhairs...^^

Kiki said...

This guy is coooool. Chic.

asikson pisze said...

is he lucky??? :D

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Anonymous said...

When I first got to this blog I was blown away!! I love the concept behind it; it is amazing.
I just love everything about your blog. I always thought that you each cat had a diferent personality and your blog really enhances that.
Also, the cat in the photo is sexy, really sexy. I just want to go there ant pet him and him purr.


P.S.- I'm not some crazy cat lady, I just really love cats.

Rose~* said...

Beautiful coat and I love his attitude!

tiana said...

such a great blog idea! i love cats!
im following :)

caitlyn said...

i have a cat just like this one- named teddy bear :) what a great idea for a blog. all about cats, so great!

favorite fish said...

what a beautiful cat! i just rescued a brother-sister pair of kittens and they are so adorable. i hope the male grows up to be as dignified as that cat :)

Miyowada said...

Love this. The swagger, the attitude this feline is really working her look. I have a blog too and posted and linked yours on mine. Let me know if you want me to take it down. I just wanted to share your brilliance. Miyo Wada

Miyowada said...

i just left a comment, my blog is where I posted your stuff
for some reason when you click onto my profile it goes to someone else's on the comment. Thanks for making me laugh

andrea said...

I love the dash of (Hermes? :P ) orange. Very chic. That cat has Arrived.

Jennifer said...


Pemika said...


poladdokt said...

u are seriousley a genius! so so so many LOLs!

Cat Sitter in the City said...

What a handsome cat! I am going to Milan--and other parts of Italy, too--in September, and I can't wait to photograph all of the beautiful kitties I am sure I'll see.

Sanna said...

hey how come no updates for over a month? really looking forward for ur new post!!

Erin Bradley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Erin Bradley said...

I bet he smokes hand-rolled catnip and sips Sambuca from an old pewter bowl.

asikson pisze said...

very elegant :P

Elizabeth said...

Please continue posting...where are July, Aug, and Sept????

Estorbo said...


More peectures, por fabor!!!!!

Louisette said...

Nice fotos cats.
Greeting from Belgium, Louisette with two golden and one cat blue chartreux Scratchy
Page links golden , cattery chartreux + my blogs

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Bolmara said...

Great blog , I love cats and your pictures are excellent!!!!!!From Buenos Aires , Bolmara.

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